The Director, DoFPS visits Sha Region

The Director, Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS) visited some of the major sand extraction sites of Punatshangchu River in Wangduephodrang on 5th November 2016.

From the Head office, the General Manager of Business Development and Marketing Division accompanied the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NRDCL to Sha coinciding with the visit of the Director.

The Director accompanied by officials from the Head office and the Chief Forestry Officer (CFO) of Wangduephodrang Forests Division along with his staff visited Ringchengang sand dredging site and Tshokona sand quarry and depot site. The CEO apprised the Director about the operational difficulties in meeting the increasing demand of customers for sand. The Regional Manager of Sha Region apprised the visiting team on the decreasing number of sand collection sites and overall volume of sand, each year. It was also pointed out that the low volume of collection followed by increasing number of construction activities greatly impacted the service delivery.

The Director acknowledged the hard work carried out by NRDCL officials and at the same time made some observations to improve the volume of extraction. Some of the broad observations are: 

a) Explore the possibility of river training works for trapping without any damage to environment.

b)  Discuss with local CFO on any field related operational issues and resolve them at the field level.

c)  Field in the concerned agencies like the DoFPS for compliance monitoring immediately after the operations are over and follow up for approval for the next season, in time.

d) Refer to existing documents and refine the process of getting clearances without having to process for all the clearances, every year.

e) The NRDCL and DoFPS to work together as a team for curbing any form of illegal activities related to natural resources like sand and timber.

dofs visit  tshokona visit

                       Director DoFPS and team at Rinchengang                                                      Site inspection at Tshokona

The visit by the Director and his relevant field officials proved quite useful to boost the morale of our staff working at the field. This visit signifies the importance attached by the Department towards the improvement of services rendered by NRDCL. The management greatly value this visit and would like to commit our best in improving our service delivery for sand.