Heavy rainfall hampers field activities

The recent heavy rainfall throughout the country has greatly affected some of the work sites of Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) located in the northern and southern parts of Bhutan.

There are several major damages caused to forest roads under Rinpung Region in all the five Forest Management Units spread across Paro and Ha Dzongkhag. As a result, timber extraction and transportation are badly hampered thereby impacting the supply of timber. Some of the affected sites are captured herein.

paro raing damages

The damaged sites are massive and quite difficult to restore easily. The clearing of roads damaged by landslides is going to take a long time with heavy expenditure involved. The field work is going to get hampered and extraction of timber to meet the demand of customers is going to be delayed.

damages by rain damages by rain at paro

Landslide that washed some portion of forest roads

Similarly, many of the sand sites in the southern belt have also been greatly affected and stocks from some sites are washed away. The complete dependency of NRDCL on the act of nature is something that the company cannot predict, plan and avoid. It takes a natural course for nature and NRDCL can only take some preventive measures depending on past experiences from the field.