Trapping of sand by making trenches

With the increasing number of developmental activities in the eastern Dzongkhags during the recent years, the demand for sand from the customers is increasing.

Therefore, to make sand available, affordable and accessible, Zhonggar Regional Office, Mongar has started trapping of sand in some of the existing surface collection areas.

sand at zhonggar

Sand Collection Site at Duksum

The trapping of sand is done by making trenches along the river bank in a professional manner without any adverse impact on the environment. The sand gets trapped naturally when the volume of river increases and the water recede leaving behind the collected sand in the pond. The first trapping of sand was started in 2011 at Dungtsekhar under Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag and has greatly helped customers to avail sand from nearby areas itself. Since then, there is no turning back for NRDCL in promoting the sand trenching works in the Region and fulfill the demand for sand.

         chazam sand                           sand at sherigom

                    Sand Collection Site Chazam                                                         Sand Collection Site at Tshergom


NRDCL, Zhonggar Region