Visit of glulam project by officials from Department of Culture

On the invitation of NRDCL, the Department of Culture, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA)

deputed eight relevant officials from the head office including Project Managers from various Dzong construction projects from nearby Thimphu and Pemagatshel Dzongkhag for a visit to glulam plant site located at Royal Academy Project (RAP), Pangbisa in Paro on 22nd July, 2016.

The General Manager, Business Development and Marketing Division, Regional and Plant Manager along with other officials received the team at the site. The General Manager on behalf of the management welcomed as well as thanked the team for taking time out of their busy schedule and briefed them on the developments leading to the introduction of first ever glulam (timber lamination) technology in the country. He said that the introduction of glulam technology for value addition is in line with the vision of our Monarchs and urged the relevant stakeholders to be associated with this technology and explore the possibility of sourcing glulam timber for important projects like the Dzongs. While the priority now is to meet the sply of timber to RAP, it is equally important to promote to other customers and historical monuments like Dzongs which are deemed appropriate to incorporate such timber. As no private sector could initiate this project so far, it is an opportunity for NRDCL to showcase the benefit of the technology and its final product to construction industry. As the technology picks up, any interested private entrepreneurs may come forward and incorporate the technology in their line of business.

glulam           glulam visit

Visit by officials from Culture,                               MoHCA at Glulam site in Pangbisa

Following this, the plant manager made an elaborate presentation from the time the timbers are sawn, seasoned and readied for lamination. The function of different machineries used in the process of timber preparation and lamination was explained and the stock of laminated curved beams for the MPH hall of the Academy was shown. A demonstration on shear test machine was displayed showcasing the strength of glue and the laminated timber.

Some of the feedbacks, concerns and apprehensions expressed by the visiting team, are as follows:

The above concerns and feedbacks were discussed and clarified for the overall improvement of the project.

Owing to their huge experience in dealing with timber in construction works, it was indeed a good opportunity for NRDCL to know the operational difficulties faced by Dzong construction projects when it comes to meeting special sized and length timbers. Many useful experiences particularly with regard to timber seasoning, protection and preparation were shared by the visiting officials.

The team appreciated the whole idea of introducing the technology and were quite optimistic that there will be some demand for such special type and length timber in the near future, where many of the associated hassles to procure, season and size the timbers in appropriate sizes would be eliminated.

The team then made a quick visit to the Project site office and met the Project Director of RAP. A brief presentation on Royal Academy Project was made to the visiting officials.