The management of NRDCL is pleased to announce the date and venue for Monthly Timber Allotment for April, 2021 to the Wood Based Industries, as follows:

RegionClusterApprox. Volume (Cft.)VenueDateTime
Rinpung & PhuentsholingSha Unit, Rinpung & PhuentsholingBP/MHW Logs/Poles /Block (Unsold Stock balance): 245,216.29 Cft
(New Production of 2021) : 14,000.00 Cft
Sha Unit Office09.04.202110.30 AM
JakarJakarBP/MC Logs/Poles/Block
(Unsold Stock balance)
: 690,000.00 Cft
(New Production of 2021): 18,000.00 Cft
Regional Office, Bumthang06.04.202110.30 AM
ZhongarZhongarMHW/MC Logs/Poles/Sawn (Unsold Stock Balance) :74159.04 Cft
(New production of 2021):35,560.50 Cft
Regional Office, Zhongar06.04.202110.30 AM
GelephuGelephuMHW Logs/Poles/Sawn
(Unsold Stock balance):
4555.76 Cft
(New production of 2021) : 1400.00 Cft
Branch Office, Gelephu15.04.202110.30 AM

We are also pleased to inform our valued customer that NRDCL would like to conduct its Special Class Timber Auction on following dates at the respective regions as below:

Regional Office / Contact No.Species/Volume Available
& Rinpung
Teak/ Khair/ Sal / Cupressess Logs/Poles – 538.08 Cft (New Production) and 7,000.00 Cft (Old stock) ( Buduney, Toorsa, Lhamozingkha)

Cupressess/Walnut/Ruto Shing/Kimbu Logs/ Poles /Sawn -30,000.00 Cft (Old Stock) (Samthang, Gasa & Tsirang Depot)
Sha Unit Office 09.04.202112:30 PM
Sal/Teak/Sisso/Khiar logs/Poles/Hakaries: 2365.62 Cft (Old stock) and 600.00 Cft (New Production) (Gelephu Depot)Gelephu Branch Office15.04.202112:30 PM
Cupressus &Teak Logs/Poles/Hakaries -2,000.00 Cft (Old stock) and 2,600.00 Cft (New production) (Samdrup-Jongkar & Lingmithang)Zhongar Regional Office06.04.202112:30 PM

For details, please contact FRD, NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel#. 02-323834/323868 or the concerned Regional/Branch Managers